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David has made provision for linking to this site, if you would like to.
Please e-mail a request to link to this site, and include the URL (web address) of the site you wish to link from. After review of the content of your site (for obvious reasons), you will be provided an approved banner that links to this site.

Other Policies
Anyone who wishes to link to this site may use only the approved banner from this site.
I do not do link exchanges ("I'll link to your site if you link to mine") If you want to link to mine, I would like to review your site first to make sure your content and mine are compatible, for obvious reasons.

No text or images or any other resources from my site may be used on your site, except the image described above as a banner. Establishing and developing this site represents a substantial investment of time, energy and other resources.

All images, buttons, and other graphics, and the like on this site are custom designed, and not in the public domain. They are all ©1995–2003 David R. Darrow. I appreciate your interest, but must maintain the same policies for everyone, so that no one misunderstands, misuses or misappropriates the resources on my site—no exceptions.