Are You Getting Spammed?

Spam and Junk Mail From

The Truth

This site and its server do not send spam e-mails.


A lot of evil, nasty and annoying mail is generated by computers elsewhere, and appear to be coming to you from

I want you to know that this is called spoofing and that none of the e-mails are actually coming from me, my website, or even from the mailservers which are hosted by Lunarpages.

I only send e-mails from ONE account on my site.

It is actually a simple thing to set up an email to look as though it is coming from someone else and if you believe it came from the false identity, you have effectively been "spoofed."

It Hurts Me Too

The sad thing is that some server administrators believe the spam is coming from my server, because they don't check the e-mail headers well enough (it is time-consuming) and simply report my domain name to international blacklists which some other servers use as a reliable database of "evil servers." Consequently, some people I write to, including my own mother, have server admins that block e-mail coming from — when, in fact, my server only sends legitimate e-mails and no spam.

I apologize for the disgusting e-mails that appear to be coming from my server. They are offensive to me, too. But I assure you they are not originating here.